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First H3 Total Ankle Replacement in Arizona !

Hintegra Total Ankle Replacement

Ankle Arthritis is Painful 

But there are successful options for you!


Recently, Dr. Jeffrey E. McAlister implanted the second H3 Total Ankle Replacement in Arizona.  This is groundbreaking for the movement of the profession and how technology is proving us wrong.

Only a few years ago there were very few options to choose from in regards to implant choices for total ankle arthroplasty or replacement. Now there are over 8 options.  The market is expanding and Dr. McAlister is staying on top of his game.

He was able to get trained by the world-renowned Beat Hintermann MD to perform a total ankle arthroplasty which has the option of being mobile and fixed.  The difference is astounding.

"Patients typically come in with unrelenting ankle pain which keeps them from doing what they love to do - walk," states Dr. McAlister. He goes on to say, "When we start discussing the options of replacement, typically patients are amazed at how the implants are so innovative and anatomic."  

He goes on to explain to patients their options and if they are a candidate for an ankle replacement. "It's all about education. If only more people new about what an ankle replacement was and how they function - more patients would be in the lobby!"

Dr. McAlister is trained on all of the current total ankle systems and is available for surgical consultations in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He welcomes out-of-town consults.  

His patients with the H3 are doing great!

Read more about the H3 here !

Dr. McAlister and Dr. Jamie Cottom are joining forces and creating a niche opportunity for patients to seek advice and care for the spectrum of ankle arthritis conditions. Stay tuned!

- Phoenix Foot and Ankle Institute

Your Foot and Ankle Solutions Team.

Jeffrey E. McAlister DPM

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