Peri-Operative Recovery Nutrition? What?

Diet surgery

Proper nutrition is critical for quality lifestyle but it’s a must before and after foot and ankle reconstructive surgery.

Getting prepared for surgery takes a little (a lot of) planning. Consider pre-surgery nutrition as similar to getting ready for a marathon or a big event. You need to prepare yourself for a procedure that creates stress on your body. Good nutrition can help tremendously.

Pre-Op Nutrition Guidelines

Your pre-surgery diet should include as many nutrients in your “bank account” as possible before surgery:

Post-Op Nutrition Guidelines

Post-op nutrition goals make it possible for a speedier recovery and help you return to doing the things you love as soon as possible. Maintaining a proper post-op diet is essential.

Some people lose their appetite after surgery and while taking pain medications. However, surgery increases the body’s need for calories, and you need more calories to heal.

Please empower your diet to help you on the road to recovery! Every bite helps!

Discuss with Dr. McAlister and the team the benefits and roles of various supplements and dietary goals for your upcoming surgery!

Jeffrey E. McAlister DPM

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