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Holly Johnson


Clinical Specialist

Holly Johnson is an Arizona native, who is passionate about western living. Her agricultural heritage runs deep in her soul.  She is continually serving her community through various outreach projects and events. Committed to sharing the benefits of the cotton industry, Holly is a personal stylist for the American made Cotton Chicks clothing line based right here in our great state. Motivated to make a difference in the life of others, she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from Grand Canyon University.

Holly is Phoenix Foot and Ankle Institute‚Äôs clinical specialist who graciously sees to your scheduling needs.  She is devoted to the financial requirements regarding your appointment as well as insurance authorization for scheduled services. Dedicated to team organization, Holly values time restraints and is diligent with patient details to ensure appointments remain on schedule. It is essential to her, for each person to know they are appreciated and valued as a patient. Eager to assist you with any clarifications regarding pending or completed procedures, Holly is the liaison between you, Dr. McAlister and the biller to effectively and efficiently answer any of your inquiries.

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